• Publishers, Authors and Content Originators
    Fully Monetize Your Content
    Our software helps you to create a digital-learning revenue stream
  • Assign Training Professionals to
    Facilitate Active Learning
    Our software helps you to deliver your published content as facilitator-led learning experiences
  • Directly Engage your Consumer
    Enable a Unique Participatory Experience
    Our software helps you to enhance brand value and expand business opportunities

In the digital economy, Publishers, Authors, Product Managers and Social Entrepreneurs build an inclusive learning model



Customize based on learner levels, formats, methodologies, etc.


Increase productivity and engagement combining digital with traditional training


Design assessments, assignments, feedback, Openspace and other activities


Build and share repository of videos, web pages, text pages and documents


Schedule your questions, polls, posts, slides speaking notes, resources, etc.


Organize training professionals ready to schedule and deliver your programs


Schedule programs and transact with your customers


Synchronize learning with the lifestyles and mindsets of today’s learners

Invite your trainers, instructors, teachers, facilitators, coaches to schedule and deliver

Content originators it takes less than 60 minutes to build your DIGITAL program – invest your time now!

Setting up
  1. Registration is free, use social or an email-id to REGISTER | click here
  2. Next, fill in the relevant info to create a organization ACCOUNT
  3. Finally, invite administrators, program designers and other relevant PEOPLE
Building Digital Program
  1. Enter content to create the PROGRAM overview, plan the AGENDA considering a blended approach
  2. Design assessments, assignments, feedback, openspace and other digital ACTIVITIES as well as share presentations, videos, web pages and other RESOURCES
  3. Take the traditional PPT, convert slides into images and speaking notes to posts, add questions, polls and then go ahead and BUFFER
Invite Professionals
  1. Invite your ready pool of training PROFESSIONALS to schedule the PROGRAMS and agenda topics
  2. Enable the professionals to go-to-market and transact on their SCHEDULES
  3. Empower the professionals to FACILITATE and engage your learners

In Singapore, Wiztango is government funded and supported by the Lifelong Learning Council and Skills Singapore to enable a national initiative on community based learning.

For practitioners this creates a valuable opportunity to freely experience a blended model and effectively share their expertise with the community.

Let us embark on this journey - get started now and play an active role in shaping the culture of lifelong learning in Singapore!

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Our Pricing

Take advantage of our pay-per-use business model

  1. Learning circles Pricing modes include Paid, Free and None (facilitated in house)
  2. Learning Circles Privacy modes include Public, Semi-Private and Private
  3. For Paid Learning Circles a 10% fee by the platform and a 2.5% fee by the gateway is added
  4. Contact us for an Enterprise-wide License
For your program, it is easy to design, create and

schedule multiple LEARNING activities

an awesome blended training and learning experience

and for each learner, share a click to create, powerful and personalized learning outcomes from your program,


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Enjoy the flexibility to design your own blended learning models

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