Our concept originates as Study Circles from Sweden, where it is a vital methodology to facilitate unique participatory learning experiences and maximizing collective intelligence.

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In training, our goal is to enhance both productivity and returns. For success, the digital transformation of content, facilitation, delivery modes, learning engagement, scheduling, on boarding and transactions is a must.

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We support SMEs to design, develop and deliver contextualized, practice and application-based training by transitioning from lecturing to facilitated-learning, making it collaborative and observational, resulting in empowered & confident participants.

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Our zero-cost, pay-per-use, growth model enables Subject Matter Experts (SME) to rapidly go-to market. In the supply-chain of learning, we engage stakeholders through essential & enriching skills-development programs.

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A Learning Circle Effectively Integrates Learning with Knowledge
To Achieve the Ultimate Aim for Stakeholders


Changes to mindset, behaviors and habits have to be reinforced over a period of time. Moving away from traditional ways of teaching and training begins with the evolution of the stakeholder roles & skills sets.


Learning Circles is a digital form of training, empowering Subject Matter Experts to publish knowledge as a learning intervention and trainers to apply innovation and creativity in facilitating engagement on it



The engagement allows collaborative learning – observe what everyone has learnt and their opinions. Through digitalization, practice at-home, at-the-workplace or in-class, reinforcement of application of learning is made possible.


Permeation of learning and scalability of the transformation is achieved as stakeholders in the learning supply-chain are enabled to co-facilitate face-to-face, virtually and digitally.

Learning Circles are an Integrated Solution
It Maximizes Key Elements and Enablers of Traditional Training


Collaborating and learning together from start to finish


Going beyond a workshop and making it a continuous process


Whether in a classroom, virtually or some combination


The methodology is structured for learning by doing


Digitally-facilitating the application of learning


Practice and application of the knowledge gained


Management ready data, analytics and reports


Driving innovation, change and growth together

Your Outcomes are Demonstrated & ROI is Delivered
Startups, Enterprises, Training & Tool Providers Transition to Learning Circles

Pre-school children & parents

Neuro-Education Kit Start up

To facilitate practice of English language integrated with a play kit, across geo boundaries for groups of parents & pre-school children by an experiential neuro-education kit start up

Sales teams

Commercial Sales Division

To facilitate refresher, practice and implementation of selling techniques for in-the-field sales teams by Sales Managers and supported by Sales Training Managers for commercial sales division

Sales directors & management

Sales Optimization Tool Provider

To promote, introduce and implement digital transformation through a learning intervention for sales directors at the enterprise by a sales optimization tool startup

Sales Account Managers

Global Accounts Division

To hone the presentation skills from design and development up to its delivery to client for global account managers by a presentation guru over a six weeks duration

Sales manager new hires

Global logistics firm

To reduce expenditures for training sales managers new hires in multiple countries by sales training managers at a global logistics firm

School children age 7-12

Training Provider

To facilitate a collaborative, practice-based learning beyond the classroom for school children by a training provider specializing in experiential learning

Our Business Model Matches Your Needs

  • Subject Matter Expert, Author or Product Owner
  • You have developed expertise & gained recognition and now need to architect and deploy a scalable learning-business model
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  • Publisher or Training Provider
  • You have an established customer base for learning products & services and now need to expand your offering and profitability
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  • Enterprise, Institute or School
  • You have experience in purchasing and implementing traditional training and now need to better demonstrate learning outcomes & ROI
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Partner us to design, market and create unique participatory learning experiences.

Subject Matter Experts Design & Develop Valuable Learning Experiences

Magmasoft Pte Ltd

Coaching Learning Circle Design & Delivery

Our aim is to coach a team to rapidly design and deliver a learning circle. Your first priority is to choose a topic. Next, select three to five relevant professionals to form your design and delivery team. The team can comprise of a subject matter expert, training professional, content designer, instructional designer, senior management, ...

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Magmasoft Pte Ltd

Industry Revolution 4.0 Impact on Policy Formulation

In an article “Industry 4.0 Opportunities and Threats for Government,” Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum, rightly summarized “Like the revolutions that preceded it, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has the potential to raise global income levels and improve the quality of life for populations around...”

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Arcanum Asia Pte Ltd

The Visual & Cognitive Presenter

Turning an audience around to your way of thinking is a great skill to have. Whether you want someone to buy your product, service, solution, learn from your experience or just to trust your vision; each requires a different strategy which needs to be reflected in the message, structure and delivery of any type of business presentation...

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Let’s Get Started and Go-To-Market

Together we Architect your Scalable Business and Learning Model


The digitalization of your expertise begins with the design and outlining of the learning outcomes, output and ROI from your learning circle. We assist this design process by sharing examples and through mentoring and coaching. The output is reviewed and validated by our team along with prospective users.


Next we begin the sales & marketing process with the goal to acquire your first customer. We start by setting the pricing framework and converting your portfolio into marketing materials. We then introduce the portfolio to new and existing partners and clients.


With the acquisition of the first customer, you now begin and complete the development of your digitally-blended learning product. You may choose to partner a trainer or facilitate the pilot on your own. Finally you validate the outcomes and ROI with your stakeholders. Based on feedback, you evolve and improve the portfolio and product and the cycle repeats.