KlayKit Learning Circle, TGG x DVG, August 2019: Under the Sea!

Facilitated by Da Vinci Group

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Tokyo Global Gateway

TOKYO GLOBAL GATEWAY is a large-scale education project initiated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education that aims to provide an opportunity for all the students at elementary, junior high and senior high schools in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan to use English as a communication tool, foster communication with people from different cultures in English and nurture a readiness to survive in a globalized world.


  1. 22 New Industrial Rd, #02-09/10, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore View Map

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Topics and agenda

  • 1. A Warm Welcome

    Digital On boarding | 10 Minutes

    Introduction to learning with the NeuroEd™ Method

    Get participants comfortable and engaged

  • 2. Neuroeducation & Your Child

    Learning Circle | 10 Minutes

    A look at why Neuroeducation is the best form of learning for your growing child.

    Understanding Neuroeducation and Imparting key points for parents to take note of during the lesson

  • 3. How it Works

    Receive Information | 15 Minutes

    A look at how your learning circle is designed and developed

    To contextualize the learning plan and journey

  • 4. Theme 1: Under the Sea

    Learning Circle | 20 Minutes

    Children will be learning more about the great ocean and the wonderful animals that inhabit it.

    Learning about the ocean, practicing key words related to ocean life.

  • 5. Clay Time

    Digital learning | 20 Minutes

    For participants to engage in a sensorial medium to extend the learning experience

    To recreate a new topic learning in the form of a functional clay creation

  • 6. Theme 1: Follow-Up Fun

    Community of Practice | 10 Minutes

    Recall & Reflect - enhancing memory with real-world applications

    To take learning outside of the (digital) classroom and to apply our knowledge in real world contexts


Chashna Kumar

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Da Vinci Group

Individuals need fresh perspectives in the way they tackle problems in modern society.

The Da Vinci Group (DVG) is a transformational education enterprise that combines the ​collective specialties of neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, arts, and education to revolutionize conventional teaching and learning methodologies.

Our Mission
> To provide a new kind of collaborative workspace where Artists, Creatives, Scientists, Technologists, and Social Entrepreneurs help each other build businesses and other inspiring visions together
> To merge science and the arts
> To transform and bring together humanity as one