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To engage clients, salespeople have to demonstrate that they know the clients world, and that they are prepared with insights and ideas, to add to what clients already know. Essential Selling Skills covers all these necessary skills.


Buying and purchasing has become a core competency for clients. They evaluate their options against check-lists, and align solutions with their business priorities, and are focused firmly on business outcomes. Clients are interested in reducing risk. They turn to peers and social networks to self-educate, before turning to salespeople.

A core and fun component of Essential Selling Skills are three ‘Role Plays’. 1) Making an Appointment, 2) Asking the Correct Questions, and 3) Closing & Handling Objections. For each role play, a delegate will play the role of either a salesperson, customer or observer. The course is divided into the following topics and modules:



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  • 1. The Changing Face of Sales & Selling

    Learning Circle | 45 Minutes

    Times have changed. Almost everything that a customer needs to know about solving their daily challenges is just a click away. Sales Teams need to make a adjustment of how they manage their job.

    The learning is in three parts, 1) a look at sales during the past decade, 2) understand what changed and, 3) learn what the future of sales might look like and what new skills might be required.

  • 2. Traits of Good Salespeople

    Learning Circle | 45 Minutes

    Good salespeople may not even know why they are good at what they as in most cases they simply do what comes naturally. However, they are a range of skills that all good salespeople have.

    There are some sales skills that good salespeople are born with, and others that they acquire over a lifelong journey of being in sales. This topic identifies the do's and don'ts.

  • 3. Understanding a Clients Business

    Learning Circle | 20 Minutes

    Understanding customers is the key to giving them good service which in turn results into strong customer relationships and new sales through positive word-of-mouth recommendation.

    Understanding a company or buyer is easier with four things to bear in mind.

  • 4. The 12 V's of Sales

    Learning Circle | 30 Minutes

  • 5. Structured Sales Process Part 1

    Learning Circle | 45 Minutes

    If salespeople do not follow a Structured Sales Process, mistakes, inefficiencies, time wasting, lack of focus, doing the wrong things at the wrong time are all commonplace.

    Part 1 of the Structured Sales Process deals with Planning, Making Appointments and Opening meetings.

  • 6. FOCUS Questioning

    Learning Circle |

    FOCUS selling is a sales questioning methodology where salespeople organise sales calls using questions from four categories: Fact, Obstacle, Consequence and Unique Solution.

    Closing is less important than most salespeople think. Questioning is more important. Good salespeople focus on preventing, not handling objections. FOCUS shows how.

  • 7. Structured Sales Process Part 2

    Learning Circle | 45 Minutes

    If salespeople do not follow a Structured Sales Process, mistakes, inefficiencies, time wasting, lack of focus, doing the wrong things at the wrong time are all commonplace.

    Part 2 of the Structured Sales Process deals with Insights, Summarising, Convincing and Closing.

  • 8. Features, Advantages & Benefits

    Learning Circle | 30 Minutes

    Features are easily defined as we can see or use them, but how they translate to an eventual benefit to a user can be more difficult to determine. However, it is benefits that drive decisions.

    Features refer to what the product or service specifically does and how it is different from what the competition does. Benefits describe the reasons why the features matter to the buyer.

  • 9. Pipelines & Progression

    Learning Circle |

  • 10. The Science of Sales

    Learning Circle |

  • 11. Similarities Between Sports & Sales

    Learning Circle |

  • 12. The Cognitive Sales Team

    Learning Circle |

  • 13. Selling to Different Buyers

    Learning Circle | 45 Minutes

  • 14. The Right Message, Person, Format & Time

    Learning Circle |

  • 15. StoryTelling and StorySelling

    Learning Circle |

  • 16. Proprietary Sales Tools to Deliver Sales Messages

    Learning Circle |


Mark Stradling
Founder & Managing Director

Mark is a cognitive communication and visual training specialist with over 40 years global knowledge & experience. Before starting his own company, Mark was managing in the corporate world based in Europe and Asia in industries such as Textiles, Media, Publishing and Education.

As a ‘revitalised and recovering’ dyslexic, Mark often lends his enthusiasm and humour in ‘storytelling’ his view of the world at functions and seminars entitled ‘A Dyslexics View of a Visually Dyslexic World’.

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