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Voicing them builds confidence

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Digital devices have opened up the world to us but sadly with it highly distracted minds have become the norm. Are our children maximizing the use of digital technology to build character, confidence and capability? We invite you to Join us online daily to enhance communication skills and more. The goal of our learning circle is to build personal confidence through practice.


When children learn to express their opinions, they will develop into independent thinkers and problem solvers. Good communication skills therefore proved a foundation for our future success.


• Writing is the foundation of communication. Our voice is activated while writing. This helps build a strong base for our speaking skills

• Opinions do matter! Voicing them builds our confidence. The strength of articulation, relevancy, creativity, solution-ing adds weight to our opinions

• Daily practice is needed to build strong habits and hone-in our skills

• Digital literacy is a critical skill needed to navigate and succeed in today's digital economy

- Constrained by the teachers, system and time (respectfully)
- Worried about making mistakes
- Too much focus on perfection versus progression
- Highly judgement based

A learning circle is facilitated for four weeks in a month, three days a week (T, W, Th) and 30-45 minutes a day. But, there are no fixed times, you choose the time to engage. We all take moments now and then to appreciate as well as curate the learning from each other. The facilitators jump in to help us all progress to the next level.

There are many advantages to enjoy and here are just three (1) Singapore-based accredited teacher-facilitators (2) learning at our own time and at our own pace (3) collectively learning with our peers (4) no evaluation, free to evolve (5) progression and appreciation

Renshu-Kenshu in the Japanese language means Practice-Training. The Renshu-Kenshu learning circle series emphasizes learning by doing, facilitated learning (not training), collective learning and digital literacy. Every learning circle is new learning content with a new set of peers. Renshu-Kenshu Learning Circles include (1) Opinions Matter (2) Strength through debate (3) Thinking Out of the BOX

Key Learnings

  • To build a habit of daily practice

  • To enhance communication skills

  • To create digital literacy

  • To appreciate collective learning

  • To stay ahead of the learning curve


> PC, laptop, tablet, mobile device plus internet (with a keyboard helpful)
> Internet access
> 45-60 minutes of available time daily for 4 days per week
> 3 Age brackets (8-10, 11-12, 13-15)



Learning stakeholder


Topics and agenda

  • 1. A Warm Welcome

    Digital On boarding | 15 Minutes

    Get all participants on board and do a bit of practice

    To achieve a sense of comfort in our digitally-blended learning environment

  • 2. Setting the context (for parents)

    Contextualizing | 15 Minutes

    A series of poll questions to set the context from the parents perspective

    Gaining clarity on the why

  • 3. How it works

    Getting started | 20 Minutes

    Overview on the 6 daily steps for the children, includes the overall schedule for parents

    Getting familiarized

  • 4. Roles and responsibilities

    Setting the expectations | 15 Minutes

    An overview on the expectations, roles and responsibilities of our stakeholders

    Knowing our role and expectations

  • 5. Practice Learning (I)

    Practice | 45 Minutes

    Daily Practice field for creating and sharing your opinion for week 1

    Creating, appreciating, curating and sharing digital content

  • 6. Practice Learning (II)

    Practice | 45 Minutes

    Daily Practice field for creating and sharing your opinion for week 2

    Creating, appreciating, curating and sharing digital content

  • 7. Practice Learning (III)

    Practice | 45 Minutes

    Daily Practice field for creating and sharing your opinion for week 3

    Creating, appreciating, curating and sharing digital content

  • 8. Review and reflection

    Giving feedback | 30 Minutes

    A place to share your thoughts, ideas and feedback on the learning experience

    To review, reflect and share

  • 9. Background

    Information sharing | 10 Minutes

    Information on learning circles, our teacher-facilitators and about us

    To gain additional clarity

  • 10. Principles and concepts

    Knowing the background | 15 Minutes

    A set of concepts and principles for your learning circle

    Having clarity on the background for all stakeholders


Prashant Jain
CEO, Entrepreneur, Chief Architect Learning Circles

PJ is the Chief Architect of Learning Circles and creator of Wiztango.com a Digital Facilitation Technology Platform for Content Originators. He is an American with a global background as an entrepreneur in technology and education management.

In 2002, he founded and for fourteen years successfully managed an in-residence corporate university for Japanese employees of Hitachi Corp, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Yokogawa, Panasonic and 30 global Japanese corporations. The Singapore-based company achieved $8.9M revenue at its peak and had 1,000 Japanese graduates from 25 global-skill development programs.

In the past 25 years, PJ has had pioneering leadership roles in the digital transformation of multiple industries including Pre-Press (Israeli-based Scitex Corp), Photography (Boston-based Leaf Technologies), Printing (Dutch-based Indigo Corp) and Advertising (Boston-based Engage Technologies)

Ms C

I am a National Institute of Education (NIE) certified teacher who has taught for six years in secondary schools under the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore. I specialize in teaching English Language at the secondary level, ranging from Secondary 1 to 5. Having prepared my students for the N and O-levels national examinations, I am familiar with the curriculum syllabus and is able to develop strategies to guide my learners to achieve their best.

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Metabridge LLC

We work with a wide gamut of the learning supply chain including Subject Matter Experts (SME), Product Owners, Authors, Publishers, Training Providers, Corporate, Institutes and Schools.

Our growth business model and Learning Circle technology enables SMEs & Content Originators to build a scalable learning model by digitalizing your expertise and then assigning trainers, consultants or managers to facilitate digitally-blended training as a learning circle for employees, professionals or students to contextualize & apply learning, resulting in collective intelligence and ROI.