Improving Your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) DIY Learning Circle

Becoming effective in cross cultural interactions for work & leisure!

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Becoming globalised is no longer an option but a necessity, especially in the environs of Singapore. We may be a small cosmopolitan city but our larger engagements internationally is critical for business and usually unavoidable socially. So it is imperative that we increase our competencies in relating and interacting with other cultures so as to function effectively and successfully.


Learn in this basic course on how to improve your cultural intelligence (CQ) competencies with a simple model that is systematic and easy to follow.
But first of all, discover a little of who you are in the onboarding session and begin to appreciate what the premise of Cultural Intelligence and how it applies to you. We will introduce a simple but holistic model that will set you on a course of increasing your cultural intelligence.
The digital sessions thereafter will provide bite sized sessions for you to learn the each components of the model. You will get insights and understanding so that you may apply the concepts practically with understanding and comprehension.
With the completion of the course, the model will become a part of your life and guiding you through the tricky cultural interactions and making you a little better in CQ compared to your peers!

Oh right! Remember to bring your laptop along!

Key Learnings

  • Understand your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) level now!

  • Learn a CQ model to improve your competencies in interacting in cross-cultural encounters.

  • Kick-start your personal engagements with greater CQ savvy.

  • Become part of the CQ community to help each other!


None! That's the best thing! Anyone can do this!



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Topics and agenda

  • 1. Participant onboarding

    Workshop | 15 Minutes

    Covers navigation, settings, mobile access, house rules and other relevant highlights.

    1. To help participants hit the ground running and maximize their learning experience and outcome.

  • 2. CQ Intro - Part 1 - Why CQ?

    Workshop | 30 Minutes

    Provide an introduction to the Cultural Intelligence (CQ).

    1. Why Cultural Intelligence (CQ)?

  • 3. CQ Intro - Part 2 - Culture

    Workshop | 30 Minutes

    What and Why of culture?

  • 4. CQ Intro - Part 3 - Who are you?

    Workshop | 15 Minutes

    To learn and understand about oneself.

  • 5. CQ Intro - Part 4 - CQ Model

    Workshop | 30 Minutes

    Introduction to the Livermore CQ Model and application.

  • 6. Component 1: CQ Drive

    Online | 30 Minutes

    This online session will provide a more in-depth look into the David Livermore's first CQ component called the CQ Drive.

    1. Understand what is CQ Drive
    2. Learn what's your motivation to interact cross-culturally
    3. How to improve your CQ Drive

  • 7. Component 2: CQ Knowldege

    Online | 30 Minutes

    CQ Knowledge is one of the keys to performing well in cross-cultural environments. It is a repertoire of knowledge about how cultures are alike and different.

    1. Understanding cultural similarities and differences
    2. How to boost your CQ Knowledge

  • 8. Component 3: CQ Strategy

    Online | 30 Minutes

    In this component, learn how to strategise and make sense of culturally diverse experiences. It is important that each encounter is an opportunity to improve the next interaction through reflection.

    1. Develop ways to use your knowledge to plan for new situations
    2. Learn to monitor, analyse, and adjust your assumptions and behaviours in cultural settings
    3. How to enhance your CQ Strategy

  • 9. Component 4: CQ Action

    Online | 30 Minutes

    This final component will conclude with you learning that verbal and non-verbal actions need to be appropriate when interacting cross-culturally. A fine conclusion to a model well learnt!

    1. Understand that the first three components have to be translated into action.
    2. You will need the full range of behaviours and to use them based on the context.
    3. How to strengthen your CQ Action

  • 10. Conclusion: Review & Reflection

    Online | 30 Minutes

    After understanding and learning the four components of CQ model by David Livermore, what are the takeaways and next course of action to bolster your CQ competencies.

    1. Review and reflect on David Livermore's CQ model.


mohamad ibrahim shaik dawood
Organizational Development Resource

A multi-skilled, business-focused and results-oriented leader with strong leadership, influencing & interpersonal skills. Specific skills in functions as diversified as Human Resources (HRM & HRD), Operations & Sourcing. Held leadership roles at Global, Regional, and Country levels, in both manufacturing plants as well as commercial organizations from Japan, U.S.A, Malaysia and the Middle-East. Lived and worked in Singapore, Malaysia, Italy and the U.S.A.

Areas of HR experience and expertise include:
otleadership development and coaching;
ottotal rewards programs;
otperformance management & talent/succession management;
otorganizational effectiveness;
othuman resource due diligence and post-merger business/cultural integration
othigh performance work systems;

Chih Wee Siow
Associate Trainer & Consultant

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