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Amazingly for Project Managers Multitasking and Mindfulness seems like opposites. "How can we talk about mindfulness in Project Management" exclaimed my friend, a Project Manager for more than a decade. Multiple things to do in a day. Managing the triple constraints, the team, the stakeholders and here we are including Mindfulness in Project Management dictionary.


Our brains are designed for serial nature. One thing at a time, one thought at a time. No matter how much we try the thoughts will flow through only one at a time. Like a train. Not only we have the power to control "that" thought but also the speed with which "that" thought is passing through our brain. Does that not make us powerful?

So why "Meditation"? Meditation not only allows us to slow down and watch the quality of each thought entering our mind but also allows us to watch the quantity or the number of them trying to pass through our mind. Meditation helps the train of thoughts not only to slow down in speed but also qualifies the thought. The old "Quality" v/s "Quantity" debate. Whatever method we use for meditation is irrelevant, whether it is watching the breath, chanting a Mantra or just watching the thoughts, trying to line up in a queue.

Living or working with "Mindfulness" also gets us into a state of mind where we move from a state of "Multi-tasking" to one task at a time with hundred percent focus and attention. Our brains are designed for one at a time. Research conducted at Stanford University found that multitasking is less productive than doing a single thing at a time.

Key Learnings

  • Understanding Mindfulness

  • The Three Process of Mindfulness

  • Project Management Knowledge Areas and Key Skills

  • Mindful Project Communication Management

  • Application of Mindfulness to Project Management


People Working on Projects
An Attitude of delivery
Understand meaning of Project



Learning stakeholder


Background on Project Management
Background on Meditation and mindfulness
Why Mindfulness is required in today's world.
Is there a link between mindfulness, meditation and creativity


What if Mindfulness helps to line the thoughts in the queue? Meditation allows the thoughts to space up. Create gaps. And Creativity just flows into these gaps, seamlessly.

Is there an invisible link between Meditation, Mindfulness and Creativity ? How does it all help in Managing creative Projects

"Life is and will ever remain an equation incapable of solution but it certainly contains certain know factors" Nikola Tesla — Cosmic Visionary (1853-1943)


Topics and agenda

  • 1. Digital Onboarding

    Digital | 5 Minutes

    Covers navigation, settings, house rules and other relevant highlights

    To help us hit the ground running and maximize their learning experience and outcome

  • 2. Setting the Context

    Workshop | 10 Minutes

    We cover Motivation, Program overview and Account create

    To prepare the ground work for rapid startup

  • 3. Understanding Mindfulness

    Workshop | 15 Minutes

    Introduction to Mindfulness and simple three Processes . Introduction to IAA

    The three Process of Mindfulness

  • 4. Project Management and Challenges

    Workshop | 15 Minutes

    Introduction to Project Management Knowledge Areas and Project Management Skills and Knowledge
    Managing Agile Projects
    The Key Challenges of Project Management

    Understanding Complex Project Management Challenges

  • 5. Applying Mindfulness to Project Management

    Workshop | 15 Minutes

    Apply the Three Mindful Process to Project Management Processes.
    The Methods and Ways
    The understanding

    How to Apply the Three Mindful Process to Project Management Processes

  • 6. Impact of Applying Mindfulness in Project Management

    Workshop | 15 Minutes

    Understanding the Impact.
    Acknowledging the Impact.
    Strength of Impact of Mindfulness in Project Management

    Benefits and Outcomes of Applying Mindfulness to Project Management

  • 7. Next Steps

    Workshop | 10 Minutes

    Discussion , sharing of Information

    Future and More


Ritu Gaurav

Ritu Jain Gaurav is Masters in Technology (IIT-Roorkee). She is a certified Project Manager (PMP), Agile Practitioner (PMI-ACP), Digtal Transformation Consultant and Android App Trainer.

She is also an Investor and Entrepreneur based in Singapore. She is certified with ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) from Institute of Adult Learning, Singapore.

She is entrepreneur and founder of Singapore based Digital Transformation Company, U2USystems

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