The Art of War by Sun Tzu

A Learning Circle to Build The Winning Behaviours

Facilitated by Sales Blueprint

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The Art of War is an unusual book. It became one of the highly recommended books in the reading list of the United States Marine Corps. It is not only popular in the military circle, it has been adapted widely into modern business management. Many want to tap on this invaluable resource, yet, the classical Chinese language could be a showstopper. In this Learning Cycle, there is no boundaries.


The Art of War was written by Sun Wu, better known as Sun Zi (Sun Tzu in the old style Romanisation). It covers various aspects on winning a war from planning, waging war, strategic offence, deployment, momentum... and many others. In today's terminology, it can be a great analogy to winning a business from strategic planning, prospecting, qualification, selling, negotiation, closing... and many others.

Our aim for this Learning Circle is to break the language barrier and bring like-minded individuals and professionals to tap into the wealth of this legacy about the art in winning. Each learner is able to contribute in "active learning" and engage in an effective blended learning (onsite and virtual).

We will kick off with a proper on-boarding program (onsite) to help you familiarise with our innovative platform. It will be a bite-sized learning for every session. Each learner will be assigned the same topic in advanced. You will learn only one chapter each time in a self-paced manner. You are encouraged to digest the content, make a research, recall any previous relevant experience and share your insights with all peers when we get together virtually or onsite.

There is no definitive standard text of the Art of War and no two interpretations of Art of War are alike. Besides that, Classical Chinese was written without punctuation, which adds to the difficulty in interpretation. Yet, we trust that with the little contributions from everyone in this Learning Circle, we can definitely contextualise and make it relevant to apply in today's context. Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)!

Key Learnings

  • Interpret the original classical content to the closest meaning in today’s world

  • Relate to the key principles from the original content with team effort

  • Apply the concepts in work, personal or business based on individual’s context

  • Integrate the strategies and tactics into personal and business plans holistically

  • Develop winning behaviours to drive personal growth in a sustainable manner


For the FIRST onsite workshop:

1. Bring your laptop (best view platform) and audio earpiece
2. Ensure your laptop is fully charged and can last for at least 2 hours
3. Class will start on time and appreciate if you can come 10-15 minutes earlier to set up your wifi network access and laptop



Learning stakeholder


Below are the 2 links for your pre-reading. Please copy and paste the URL.



A real case study will be presented for reinforcement learning.


Topics and agenda

  • 1. Digital On-boarding

    Digital and onsite | 26 Minutes

    Covers story, quick facts, navigation, settings, mobile access, house rules and other relevant highlights

    To arrange the platform setup and access for maximum learning experience and outcome

  • 2. Setting the Context

    Digital | 10 Minutes

    Covers the learning motivation, sense of urgency, challenges, expectation and learner profile.

    To manage the learning expectations and relate to other learners and stakeholders

  • 3. Learning Process

    Digital | 2 Minutes

    Covers the 4R of Active Learning

    To follow a practical learning methodologies for better knowledge retention.

  • 4. Chapter 1: Planning

    Digital and onsite | 13 Minutes

    Covers the background of The Art of War, key information, key insight, recall of a previous experience and reflection.

    To interpret the content, relate to key principles, apply the concepts, integrate the strategies and tactics; and, develop winning behaviours.

  • 5. Next Step

    Digital | 10 Minutes

    Covers the review and feedback and the follow up session.

    To summarise the key takeaway and be prepared for the post learning.

  • 6. Reinforcement and Case Study

    Case Study | 20 Minutes

    Covers the reinforcement of Yesterday's learning and the application of knowledge to solve a business problem.

    To apply the concepts and integrate the strategies and tactics into a real life case study


Prashant Jain
CEO, Entrepreneur, Chief Architect Learning Circles

PJ is the Chief Architect of Learning Circles and creator of a Digital Facilitation Technology Platform for Content Originators. He is an American with a global background as an entrepreneur in technology and education management.

In 2002, he founded and for fourteen years successfully managed an in-residence corporate university for Japanese employees of Hitachi Corp, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Yokogawa, Panasonic and 30 global Japanese corporations. The Singapore-based company achieved $8.9M revenue at its peak and had 1,000 Japanese graduates from 25 global-skill development programs.

In the past 25 years, PJ has had pioneering leadership roles in the digital transformation of multiple industries including Pre-Press (Israeli-based Scitex Corp), Photography (Boston-based Leaf Technologies), Printing (Dutch-based Indigo Corp) and Advertising (Boston-based Engage Technologies)

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This has led to a significant decrease of spending to less than 20%. While there is an increase in competition and the global economic climate is very challenging, that poor "purchase experience" resulted in even lower win rate and ultimately created more obstacles for sustainable growth.

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