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NTU | Nanyang Business School

The Nanyang MBA is offered by the Nanyang Business School in NTU Singapore. It is ranked highly amongst the top MBA programmes in the world. The participants, faculty and our partners collaborate to solve real-world challenges through cutting-edge research and distinct pedagogy. 

Situated in Asia’s most livable city and the world’s 3rd best, Singapore, the Nanyang MBA is an intensive global programme, with a focus in Asia. 


  1. 145 Lorong Ah Soo #06-145, Hougang, SG, Singapore View Map

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In order to thrive in today’s competitive job market, students need to know what skills they have to offer, take charge, and drive their career. Successful job applicants apply a proactive and multi-dimensional approach to the job search process.

The key for students is not only to acquire practical knowledge but to practice the skills required to successfully gain employment post-graduation.


When a job posting is online, who can apply? Anyone with computer access and relevant skills can potentially apply. What sets an applicant apart from others who apply? How do recruiters find suitable candidates? What factors increase the likelihood for a hiring manager to meet a job applicant? What are some strategies to ace the interview process?

This program seeks to equip students with necessary personal and professional skills, to enhance their
likelihood of securing ideal job roles after graduation. Students learn how to conduct market research,
stay informed as to how industry changes may affect their job searches, craft an effective and
impactful resume and cover letter, create an ‘All Star’ LinkedIn profile, build connections both online
and offline, and prepare to ace the interview process.

An asynchronous (digital) format is used to engage all learners to discuss the baseline content and core principles, which students can do anywhere, anytime. Delivering content online also dramatically reduces the need for physical facilities, logistics planning, and manpower required for content delivery.

Students discuss the their understanding of concepts for each topic and it opens up the opportunity for learning from each other. Under the guidance of career counselors, students apply what they have learned, and have their queries answered to deepen collective learning. Career counselors can also conduct one-on-one with individual students, to review drafts and provide individualized feedback.

Key Learnings

  • To conduct market research to understand and articulate current state of profession and industry, key trends, and desired skillsets

  • To craft an effective resume and cover letter

  • To build an ‘All Star’ LinkedIn profile

  • To build connections both online and in-person (networking)

  • To prepare to ace interviews


Full-time MBA students



Learning stakeholder


A quick quiz to assess existing knowledge and understanding and benchmark our starting point

A poll of students
with/without resumes and cover letters.
with/without LinkedIn profiles, and rankings of current profiles.
who know how to use LinkedIn to network.


Quizzes to assess post-modules knowledge and understanding.

A poll of students
with best practice resumes and cover letters.
with an ‘All Star’ LinkedIn profile.
who know how to use LinkedIn to network.


Topics and agenda

  • 1. Market Research

    Digital |

    To conduct market research to understand and articulate current state of profession and industry, key trends, and desired skillsets

  • 2. Resumes and Cover Letters

    Digital |

    To write a concise and impactful resume, and an effective cover letter

  • 3. Digital Footprints

    Digital |

    To build an ‘All Star’ LinkedIn profile

  • 4. Networking online + offline

    Digital |

    To apply principles to develop and maintain a network + Use LinkedIn for online networking

  • 5. Interviewing

    Digital |

    To prepare to ace the job interview process. Identify different types of interviews, and prepare to answer interview questions.

  • 6. Onboarding

    Digital | 30 Minutes

    Preparation for getting started with the program, ensuring we are on board, a couple of quick ice-breaks, navigation, introductions, etc..

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