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May 16,

Think and Speak like a Leader 1.0

Don't just lead. Lead with inspired confidence.

Facilitated by Delapro

Scheduled as T&S (1.0)


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Wed, May 16 2018 02:00 GMT -
Wed, May 23 2018 04:30 GMT

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  1. 11 Eunos Road 8, #07-04 Lifelong Learning Institute, Level 5, singapore, Select a State*, Singapore View Map

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Lifelong Learning Council

This is project supported by the LearnSG Seed Fund. "Every Day, A Learning Day"

LearnSG Seed Fund

LearnSG Seed Fund – a $3 million fund set aside for 1 year – aims to grow community-led learning initiatives. We are looking for ideas that:
Build and promote lifelong learning culture
Impart and encourage work and life skills learning
Benefit the community and Singapore

No idea is too big or too small. Get funding for up to 90% of project costs, capped at $50,000 (whichever is lower).

So, get together with your friends, neighbours or community and bring your learning ideas to life.

Lifelong Learning Council

The Lifelong Learning Council aims to help people of all ages develop a habit of continual learning for a more purposeful and productive life. We hope to inspire a society that embraces lifelong learning as a way of life.

Institute of Adult Learning

The Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) is at the forefont of building capabilities and continuing professional development for an effective, innovative and responsive Continuing Education and Training (CET) sector. We work closely and support adult educators, businesses, human resource developers and policy makers through our comprehensive suite of programmes and services on raising capabilities and catalysing innovations in CET.



Everyone aspires to be a leader in some capacity during their career. Have you wondered why some people seem to have better leadership qualities than others? The fact is that such skills can be learned. And everything starts from the thinking. Even if it isn't a career, good decisions require good decision makers and the best ones come from those who think and speak like a leader.


Good leaders make good decisions. It is a skill that comes with experience and wisdom. There are certain habits that effective leaders adopt that make them maintain their credentials. In this workshop, you will learn how to formulate your thought process like an effective leader. Moreover, you will also learn how to address a difficult situation when you do not know the answer to. This workshop also teaches you how to speak like a leader that commands respect.

Key Learnings

  • Understand how a leader approaches communication

  • Understand what the key considerations are when making a decision

  • Communicate in a way that influences decisions and meets the intended objective(s)

  • Adopt leadership competencies, through effective communication enhances your leadership credentials


1. Bring yourlaptop (best view platform) and audio experience
2. Ensure your laptop is fully charges and can last for at least 2.5 hours
3. Class will start in time and appreciate if you can come 10-15 minutes earlier to set up your wifi network access and laptop



Learning stakeholder


Assimilate and apply the skills of thinking, planning and delivering how a leader approaches communication. Go to the digital platform to discuss and formulate the actions needed to address the two scenarios prepared for post-learning.

Topics and agenda

  • 1. A Warm Welcome

    Digital On boarding | 10 Minutes
    By Joseph Wong, Principal Consultant, Delapro

    Welcome everyone and explain how to use the platform with some hands-on practice.

    To achieve a sense of comfort in using a digitally-blended learning environment

  • 2. Agenda

    Workshop | 03 Minutes
    By Joseph Wong, Principal Consultant, Delapro

    Explain the outline of this workshop and what to expect from learners' participation.

    To set the expectations of the learning so that everyone achieves the right outcome.

  • 3. What Makes a Good Leader?

    Workshop | 10 Minutes
    By Joseph Wong, Principal Consultant, Delapro

    Introduce the 10 leadership competencies as agreed by 195 global leaders and how these map back to Aristotle's principles of persuasion - Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

    Outline what top global leaders regard as essential qualities a leader must possess, and crystallise these into tangible actions that learners can embed into their daily life.

  • 4. Stage 1: The Golden Rule of Communication

    Workshop | 10 Minutes
    By Joseph Wong, Principal Consultant, Delapro

    Introduce the golden rule of communication. Get learners to brainstorm on what the golden rule is and then probe further about how this rule helps them plan their communication.

    By consistently applying this golden rule to every communication, learners will be able to hit the right objective of that communication and so become an effective communicator.

  • 5. Case Studies

    Case Study | 40 Minutes
    By Joseph Wong, Principal Consultant, Delapro

    Learners work on two case studies to apply the principles of Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

    How to spot certain trends in behaviour and understanding objectives to become more successful with planning communication around these incidents so as to stand out like a leader.

  • 6. Summary of Stage 1

    Workshop | 07 Minutes
    By Joseph Wong, Principal Consultant, Delapro

    In summarising the lessons from Stage 1 (planning a communication), learners get to refresh their lessons by applying them to a scenario. This allows for class discussion.

    By discussing the various ideas given by learners, the lessons from Stage 1 can be further embedded.

  • 7. Stage 2: Qualities of a Good Presenter/Speaker

    Workshop | 17 Minutes
    By Joseph Wong, Principal Consultant, Delapro

    We move into the physical delivery techniques that make effective communicators. Click on this - to watch what Brian Tracy has to say about the topic.

    Participants share personal experiences of a presenter they encountered. Learners get to focus on key skills and qualities that they can start to use in their daily lives.

  • 8. Different Communication Styles of Two Global Leaders

    Video and discussion | 20 Minutes
    By Joseph Wong, Principal Consultant, Delapro

    Using two videos of different delivery style, learners debate on the good and bad qualities of presenters. Pick up the qualities that can help them reshape their own presentation style.

    By accepting that even world leaders have differing styles of communication, learners can pick out the most effective styles and adopt these for their own improvement actions.

  • 9. Value of Effective Communication

    Exploring, discussion and vocal practice | 10 Minutes
    By Joseph Wong, Principal Consultant, Delapro

    Learners are given practical tips to overcome fear of acting and using body language when speaking. They are told that they win over their audiences when the communication comes from their heart.

    Learners get practical tips that they can pick up and use if they are not used to acting, story-telling or using body language. These tips will help them get closer to becoming effective speakers.

  • 10. Stage 2 Exercise

    Role Play | 15 Minutes
    By Joseph Wong, Principal Consultant, Delapro

    Learners are given a passage to plan (for effect) and deliver (for believability and impact) like a leader, using the lessons learned so far.

    Test to see how well the learners have picked up the lessons from this workshop.

  • 11. In Summary

    Workshop | 02 Minutes
    By Joseph Wong, Principal Consultant, Delapro

    Recap the key learning points from the workshop.

    Ensure that learners reflect on the lessons picked up so far, at the same time reminding them of the online exercises they will need to complete as part of the post-LC follow-up.


Joseph Wong
Principal Consultant, Delapro

Joseph spent 36 years with Standard Chartered Bank in various roles, local and global, most notably in Sales Proposal management, Digital Learning, Communications Training, Marketing, Cash Management, Trade Services, Securities Services, SWIFT communications, Service Quality including ISO9001 certification, Productivity management and branch operations.

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